Maceo Parker
Maceo Parker, the funkiest saxophone player on the planet !
Elephant's foot :
one day when I was chilling not knowing what to do
I thought I'd get my friend and go to the zoo
we didn't see an elephant or a cage
someone had put them all on the stage
there were lumps & bumps & all kinds of grinds
you know those elephants wouldn't stay in line
I said “ I know just what they need
let's teach them all to do the waymon reed”
we practiced & practiced all day long
to teach these elephants the elephant song
they looked at us with tight lips
& just kept on moving those big elephant hips
an elephant dancing is a thing to see
& that's when I noticed they were looking at me
I said “come on elephants, come on let's go”
& that's when one of them stepped on my toe
elephant stepped on my foot, elephant stepped on my foot
elephant stepped on my foot, elephant stepped on my foot
you must give elephant a dirty look

I like to teach but I have my limits
elephants dancing is a pretty good gimmick
I looked at my watch it was getting late
it was about time to open the gate
people came in to see the show
someone said “hey look that's maceo!”
I said “can I have your attention please
these elephants are about to dance you down to your knees”
they bumped & grind & all kind of sway
starting thinking about after the show hay
I said “come on it's not time to eat
we've got to get the crowd up off their feet
we've got to keep going for a while yet,
we've got to help the owner out of debt”
I said “ anyway after this there's another show”
& again some elephant, same toe

I know what I'll do I'll feed them some of this...
elephant stepped on my foot

(M. Parker / Polygram songs musikverlag)